Greenville – CQM (Construction Quality Management) – March 12th 

Raleigh – SafeDay - Scaffold Competent Person – March 27th

Raleigh – SafeDay - Confined Space Entry – April 10th

Raleigh – SafeDay - OSHA 10 –  July 14-15

Raleigh – SafeDay - OSHA 30 – July 14-17

Raleigh – SafeDay - Qualified Rigger – August 6th

Raleigh – SafeDay - Silica Competent Person – August 7th

Raleigh – SafeDay - Scaffold Competent Person – September 18th

Raleigh – SafeDay - Confined Space Entry – September 25th


Blueprint   Reading for Construction : Can you read blueprints and   interpret how the information applies to the job you are working on? Do you   know how to apply the blueprint information towards determining costs for   labor and materials? If not, you need to take this course. This Construction   Blueprint Reading class covers a foundational skill in construction. All   construction professionals, regardless of whether they are working in the   field or in the office, must know how to read blueprints. Blueprint reading   is not terribly difficult, but it does require practice and some basic   knowledge of blueprints. This course is designed to provide knowledge of   blueprint reading as it relates to the architectural and building industry.   It will cover the theory of reading floor plans, section and elevation   drawings, foundations, floor plans, elevations, sections, schedules, means,   methods, symbols and notations, scaling and dimensioning practices, reading   blueprints for structural formation, electrical, mechanical, and plumbing   drawings. This instructor-led blueprint reading course is designed to provide   you with that foundational knowledge and enough practice at reading   blueprints to get you started. Skills taught will help you apply blueprint   reading skills toward under-standing which trades are responsible for work   shown on plans, and pre-paring accurate forecasts of the materials, labor and   costs involved in a project. Mastery of blueprint reading will come


Introduction to   Construction Project Management :  6-hour class   developed to introduce the various components of Construction Project   Management. Includes descriptions and examples of how each stage   inter-relates and standard practices used during the Construction process.


ESTIMATING 101 –   BUILDING THE FOUNDATION FOR SUCCESS : The   classes introduce estimating procedures in a clear and precise manner   explaining all the procedures of estimating the cost of construction work   such as quantity takeoff, pricing of the contractor’s work, pricing sub-trade   work, pricing site overhead and properly utilizing bid documents. This course   provides thorough instruction on the principles of construction estimating   and the skills to be-come a professional estimator by using drawings from   several real projects, thereby walking the attendee through the complete   estimating process which can be used in various trades on many different   types of construction projects.

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Wake Tech - Course Project Management for Construction

Intended Audience : Individuals in the construction trades who are moving into management roles.

Description : This class provides instruction in project management for the construction trades. Students will learn about construction materials and methods, mathematics, communications, safety, human resources, scheduling, and customer service. Upon completion of the course, students will be qualified to manage construction projects.