About Connect For Success NC "S.H.E.D."

Connect for Success NC is rapidly growing and expanding into new districts across North Carolina. We are currently hosting shed events in Wake and Lee county, while making preparations to include new districts soon. SHED events offer students on the job experience while being mentored by Industry professionals. Participating companies use shed to recruit students seeking employment, apprenticeships, and internships.

In 2017, our members designed the S.H.E.D. Contest. The purpose was to encourage our youth to consider a career in the construction trade.

Shed is a 3 day event where teams, consisting of four to six students, working together to build a shed from ground up.

Each SHED is built to CODE then judged and scored by local inspectors, from the flooring to the roof.

A safety tool box talk is conducted each morning. Safety is our top priority. Each student is required to have completed their OSHA 10.

Each high school is partnered with a local general contractor, and a specialty contractor, who mentors students prior and during the contest for a successful real life work experience. Many students go onto work for these contractors upon graduation and begin their four year apprenticeship program at no cost to the student. Some continue their education at a four year college, and intern with the contractors during that time,.upon graduating with a Construction Management degree ,they often continue their career working with their mentors.

The sheds are 8x12 "